Wholly Satisfying Albums #1

The following albums have been tested thoroughly and deemed by the powers that be…wholly satisfying:



1. The Sensual World – Kate Bush (EMI 1989) 

2. Automatic for the People – REM (Warner Bros 1992)

3. Morning Phase – Beck (Capital 2014)


These albums are best enjoyed in their completeness, with a distant view of a major city, or during a road trip in light to mild rain.


4 thoughts on “Wholly Satisfying Albums #1

    1. I’m not familiar enough with those albums to badge them ‘Wholly Satisfying’. Morning Phase is a little more uplifting for me than Sea Change. Love loss albums can be too personal to grasp as an outsider listening in. Hounds of Love is fantastic, but I The Sensual World stands out to me because of its incredibly original and brave production value. It feels like you’re watching your own late 80s cyber romance on a giant screen in the night’s sky. I’ll listen to Reckoning after your comment, as I’m not familiar with it. Thanks for tuning in.


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