My keyboard is wobbling.

I’m wondering if it will affect what, or how I write?

I’m focused on the movement, uneven.

But, do I want my writing to be even?

Is being even, what I’ve grown comfortable with?

Surely it can’t do any harm to have a wonky keyboard now and again.

Just think of all the amazing things I could create…

with my keyboard off-kilter.

Dozens of flawed characters – they’re the interesting ones,

The real people, readers want to read about.

Folks who’ve stepped off the smooth path,

and onto rocky terrain in search of the kind of living,

only the danger of the unexpected can bring.

Nobody ever had any truly prolific adventures

on a path already traveled by someone else did they?

That’s how the path was made smooth in the first place;

by the feet of the masses.

‘What’s this? A path…

Maybe I should walk down it and see where it goes?’

You know where it leads…

The signs have already been posted.


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