Red will be the last color i see before i die.

In a final light,

A scarlet so bright,

It bleeds into my mind.

Leaves me dead on a stone,

With no color in my face.

And it will be all that my life has ever known.

It was the first colour I did see.

A stifled cry into the soft sheets.

Wipe the blood from my eyes,

And kiss my rosy cheek.

i started out in life with an apple green and red.

Never did i taste it.

Only watched it getting smaller,

and my half become a quarter


We could make a green felt partnership and clean up that old town…

Blow the froth off,

down the suds,

hear the tunes,

play the cheap ivory,

sneak the matinee,

pop the cracks in the side walk and flip the gutters,

Walk our walk and chew the conversation.

Eat the bar and avoid its retort.

Watch the black go down…

corner pocket…

Slap some skin.

Smile as the faces drop and kill four birds,

With two stones.


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