And the fallen leaves cover all.

I remember you,

he grinned.

curling honey over oats.


I’d nearly forgotten you,

he blinked.

As the sky is so big.

Watchin’ the road checker by.

Eatin’ the fleeting-

Stripping thorns from the stem,

and throwing them out the window.

Into the night.

Catch me.

Let me go.

Only wanted.

for you to want.


The windows were nailed shut,

so I guessed you used the door.

Unchallenged and disinterested.

Heart empty.

You left a knot in my head,

and a stain on the bed.

Don’t think either of them are ever coming out.

I’ll scrub my sheets.

Leave them to dry.

And the stain that never fades,

the knot that always aches,

will be the two things,

forever keeping me awake.


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