Let’s say you’re planning to have a wee smoke and get high. You’ve got a vicious little Indie slasher, or a dumbfuck formulaic comedy ready to watch. The living room has become your own, nonsymmetrical planetarium as the glow of the TV moves green and blue glow stains around the couch and across the walls. All you require now is a delicious snack to entertain your crawling hunger.

 Here is a small assembly of refreshment suggestions that might take your fancy:

 Potations (non-alcoholic)

 Greymoe’s Hot Coco: Pour a mug of full-cream milk into a small saucer and allow time to warm on a low flame.

Add two desert spoons of brown sugar, 1 and a half desert spoons of quality baking cocoa, turn up heat and stir until milk is smooth and bubbling (do not heat to point of froth).

Lower heat to a simmer, add two shakes of cinnamon and test heat to your liking.

(To be enjoyed with Arnotts Monte Carlo Biscuits)

 *Note: Monte Carlos need to be kept at a temperature under 15 degrees to ensure the thin candy coating snaps slightly when bitten into.


 Jungle Juice: Place 4 frozen cubes of lime juice and crushed mint into a long, long frosted glass and pour over with Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

 *Note: using another brand of GB will result in a poorer tasting bevy.



Table Weights (savory delights)

 Tom’s Thumbs: Cabana and Laughing cow cheese wrapped in iceberg lettuce.

 Northern Snake Skin Sub: Split a large ciabatta down the centre and butter one side. Spread, first two wedges of Laughing Cow cheese, then a generous wipe of Red Rock Deli Roasted Capsicum, Pecorino, Cashew & Basil dip over the cream cheese. Layer three scabs of deli (not supermarket quality) bought prosciutto over the buttered side. Slice one truss tomato finely and lay over cured meat, sprinkling salt and pepper over tomato. Place three torn basil leaves over tomato. Cut in half before eating.

 Sweet Surrender

 Dirty Snow Drifts: From a large tub of Jalna Vanilla yoghurt, spoon 4 wobbly spoons of

heaven into a bowl. Noisily chop 3 dark chocolate Tim Tams into messy pieces and stir into the yoghurt.

 I’ll be keeping ya’ll posted with my Top Five Hazy Monday Movie Picks soon…stay tuned.








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